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Make Cash Land Offers that Sellers Can't say "NO" to!

John Funds Your Flips using a Note Sale at Closing!

Note Sale At Closing Funds Your Deals!

Free Instant Access to John's Calculator for Note Sale at Closing

To use the calculator, Click on Files and then MAKE A COPY which saves it to your google drive and then you can modify it to your individual deal.

Join my Mentoring Group for those who want to fast track into flipping land in today's shifting Market. I'll guide you through the unique flip methods I created for land and even help you close your deals for the next year.

I've been through 4 market crashes and will guide you through the next one so you can make creative offers sellers can't resist.

More opportunity exists in these market changes. The first one to the market with the new twist, WINS! To create the new twist, one has to have all the tools that came before and I have those tools. Even now, I'm training our members on the new twist we will use to dominate the land business as the market shifts, both cash and owner financing are key during recessions.

Our goal is to get you to $10,000 per month in profits over the next 2-3 months and then scale from there.

The results have been amazing as you have seen in the Land Mogul Facebook groups. You can take your place with them.

Here’s what you can expect in my Mentoring Program

Once the year is over, you will still have permanent access to all my videos and membership area.

  1. We’ll start with setting up your free legal entity (a living trust) that will be the buyer of the lots or land. Includes your documents and full instructions.

  1. Next, I’ll walk you through how to find and contact the lowest hanging fruit, the seller’s who will sell at prices that allow you to earn $7k to $20k in profit typically and even more as you grow into your new skills. You will also learn how to create passive cashflow from land notes created at closing.

    I normally start everyone doing virtual flipping in Texas. We never see the property or meet any of the parties. Everything is done from your computer and phone.

  1. We'll get you trained on my 2-call method with the seller to lock in the price to buy, but not have you come out of pocket to close. Instead, you will use one of four flip techniques you will learn in the case study.

  1. One of the keys to success is going to learn how to handle title issues and I have a step by step process that will get you more deals because nobody else can fix them, but you will be able to.

  1. I developed an new way of flipping land that is the exact opposite of how homes are typically flipped which allows you to flip any priced land you find up to $100k or more with no earnest money needed and double close on it without your money as well. You will not only get this method but another method I developed to do the same type of flip where I fund your Texas virtual flips by buying your notes at closing giving you the cash to pay the seller their price up to $500,000 per deal.

These are the advanced methods I only teach and reveal at this level of membership.

  1. You will also learn how to find buyers for land, using my top 4 ways. It has become my favorite way of flipping land now. It makes use of my advanced flipping methods talked about above.

  2. You also get all my documents and exclusive contracts and documents only available in this Mentoring Program.

  3. Subdivide Land Learn how to complete a subdivide where you take land and create 2 or more parcels for a huge value add on the resale. From small to 50 acres is typical for subdivision methods.

  4. Learn how to Create Wrap-Arounds on Land flips where you are able to earn money both, on the down payment and on a monthly cashflow.

  5. Cash out a Note at Closing: How to buy for Cash created from a note sale at closing by selling the note at closing to John Alexander. Learn various ways to put these most creative deals together that creates the cash needed at closing to make all cash offers to sellers.

  6. Direct to John Alexander: JV deals with John. Unsure, beginning, need more help? John is open to JV your deals to help you every step of the way.

I have now extended the program so you can have permeant access to everything in the case study and mentoring group as long as Facebook is in business. Also, you are invited to continue to reach out to me personally if you get stuck on some future deal or issue.

Here's how it will work...

Each Month, you will have access to me by Zoom (First Tue of the month) to answer any questions as well as I will deep dive on certain elements of the flip strategies you are learning in the weekly modules. This allows you to go through the main training modules at your own pace.

You have lifetime access to all the videos and documents in the membership area. There is already over 50 hours of video instruction on every type of land flipping I know of in this niche. It is the most complete library of land flipping training available anywhere.

I really want to you to succeed, so I'll be spending some one-on-one time with you to make sure we maximize your results once you have a deal and need help. You have access to me for deal discussion on your live deals on the zoom call as well, but sometimes, a deal needs immediate answers so you are able to message me anytime.

We’re going to be working closely together. Understanding what NOT to do, or what could be illegal is just as important as what you should do in creative flips.

"You should be able to run this business in just a 3 to 6 hours a week in your free time. If you would like to JV with me, I welcome that too. I only JV with Mastermind Members."

I look forward to working with you. ~John Alexander

Instant access to all the Mastermind Video Training library 13 Different Guide Sections with over 100 hours of land Flipping Training

Our Normal Profit Target Per Deal is $7k to $20k and Passive Monthly Cashflow from Notes!

This is not to imply you will earn anything, I can't make you do anything or earn anything. I can only teach you and advise you what is and has worked for me and my other students.

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